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The Kug is a combination kettle mug hence the name KUG (Kettle Mug). Users can make a hot drink in their mug without having to interact with a kettle. The Kug was originally designed with people suffering from arthritis in mind but has it since become hugely popular and everybody wants one! 

The Kug started life as a design project for two college students. It won the Pfizer and Arthritis Ireland Easy to Use Award in 2010 and since then it has since been a roller-coaster for the creators Alan Harrison and Ben Millett from NCAD in Dublin.

The two received a global response to their design after winning the award and have since been working to develop the Kug and bring it to market. The Kug is now far along in the development process and a launch is hoped for soon. To everyone out there who has expressed interest in the Kug, thank you, please bear with us a little longer. Everyone is very excited about the coming months and we are looking forward to bringing the Kug to the public. 

Please join us on Facebook where we can keep everyone up to date with developments, and please still register your interest so we can let you know directly when the Kug becomes available.







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